‘No Matter How Much I Love’

‘No Matter How Much I Love’ For me, learning what love is has been experiencing another as myself. In the world, everything is either or, but alone on Earth, in the eyes of another, creature, human, angel, God in a man, experiencing myself, as a creature too, nothing is either or, it is only more. […]


‘Mystic’ For me The spirit of a gift Is the surprise To receive a creation Is to experience another As sovereign as myself I believe in a truth nobody owns Not mine or yours But ours when it sets us free I had to commit myself to it Before I knew it existed or what […]

Buffalo Calf Euthanized in Yellowstone

https://www.facebook.com/YellowstoneNPS/?pnref=story My friend sent me this story from Yellowstone. The calf that was taken must have been a twin that was abandoned, there is no way a person can get a bison calf away from her cow unless she has abandoned it and isn’t around. As soon as she hears it bleat she will come running […]

River Flow

This is the Blaeberry River flowing in late November 2014. The fottage was taken by my friends Pat & Josie who had just arrived to stay. It had been really cold the previous two weeks and everything was frozen – except the river obviously. We still hadn’t had any snow at this stage so the river bed is still visible.

I love the contrast of the imposing mountains, the stillness of the ice and the dynamic movement of the river flow.
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