For me
The spirit of a gift
Is the surprise
To receive a creation
Is to experience another
As sovereign as myself

I believe in a truth nobody owns
Not mine or yours
But ours when it sets us free

I had to commit myself to it
Before I knew it existed or what it was
For the honor of knowing
If I saw it, I’d track it
If I heard it, I’d listen
And if I had to choose between the truth
Or what I preferred
I’d chose the truth
It’s as big a risk as loving someone
And passion is infinitely worth pain

For me
Loving a truth that exists
Unlimited, but exactly like it is
Is loving God

This truth is the belief that something is real now and eternally
Beyond absolutely anything that can happen or threaten it
Beyond anyone’s opinion about it
Beyond the limit of form
When I accept it, long for it, and love it instead of resist it
It makes everything I experience
Real instead of a guess
And the proof is the miracle, the beatific vision
The beautiful reason that is the most positive thought

Sooner or later, we die
When I embrace and accept that death will come
Like birth came, with pain
But with the meaning of the life I leave
And with the love of those that went before
Waiting in exultant expectation
In light at the end of the tunnel
I rise, above the worry of the passing
I live now, as if I’m eternal
My seconds become precious
Filled with the meaning a God that is Love gives them
And gives me to give

If you think you limit God by allowing him to have a name
And a Mother that loves him
To be the universe and fully human like you
Then you limit yourself

When God becomes a man
It changes the nature of man
But more than that, it changes the nature of God
And this is such a beautiful mystery to enter
That when we do, we become mystic

Excerpts©Soultracker ~ ll 5/16 Leo DowneyBuffaloCalf 2