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River Flow

This is the Blaeberry River flowing in late November 2014. The fottage was taken by my friends Pat & Josie who had just arrived to stay. It had been really cold the previous two weeks and everything was frozen – except the river obviously. We still hadn’t had any snow at this stage so the river bed is still visible.

I love the contrast of the imposing mountains, the stillness of the ice and the dynamic movement of the river flow.
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  1. Wow, Leo, SO beautiful! Someday I’ll see it in winter, but for now, this is the next best thing! Thanks for all you share, all you do, and most of all…for being YOU.

    • Thanks Bubba!!!!! I love it down there at the river. it feels so wild and open down there. I hope you’ll visit in winter one day. I’m hoping to get my video of the buffalo in the snow and chasing the snowmobile posted tonight. Thanks for believing in my vision Bubba!

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