Excerpts from “Wandering in the Spirit” by Leo Downey 11/12

I feel like Adam looking for his rib. When I find it it will be in you. I want to run my fingers over it and kiss it about three and a half inches from the arch of your spine. How many times will it take before we become one, one flesh one body, how many times for you to see the only way you can have me as yours and give birth to me is to surrender to me. We die to be born eternally. What i

s real is always the opposite of what it appears here, it’s hard for humans. We are an image and we see every other image from outside itself. Why does it take faith and faithfulness? So that we could join in the creation of love, it takes faith to create. It’s Loves gift to us. Morality is like an artists technique, like a map that takes me where there is no map. That and love are all that’s important about it.When I Wander in the Spirit, I am art, when I make love for love, I finally stop what the world is doing, I stop doing something so I can do something else; I do ‘Something else.’ When it’s holy, when it’s perfect, it’s always its opposite. I can get what I want, it’s never been a Secret but it’s been a gimmick, and a shameless accusation. I can get what I want but when I do, I want, “Something else!” and the closest I come to passion is lust. Forget everything but each other. No opinion, especially my own, and do, “Something else.”

I know, lets have an argument with the world; how come God can’t be a man? And why do I think he is? Cause I’m a religion that wants to control you? Brothercanyaspareadime. When you say God is everywhere, you might not know it, but what you probably mean is God can’t be anywhere. You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re great. Listen, God can be somewhere and be everywhere, and he is. He can do all he wants and all he wants to do is love you. There’s an insincere world I want to yell at, but it’s not my friend, you are.

This is why God is a man; Leo Downey
SO THAT HE COULD HAVE A MOTHER! And She could give Him birth, and become the Queen of Heaven and of Earth, Clothed with the Sun and Crowned with the Stars. How selfish and mean can you be to look at Her and not see the Infinite, Immaculate, “Beauty.” Do you know how she would cry for you if you were to say, she’s not beautiful enough?

All you really know is you exist. Meaning gives you the reason. Christ didn’t die for an idea and he didn’t live to ‘get what he wants.’ He did, “Something else.” He died for you and me, to show you you can’t kill him and you can’t kill you and he won’t stop loving you no matter what you do. He died to save a Woman, A Virgin, who became His work of art out of passion, out of love for Him. The New Eve. Believe me, HE! Was a Man. And She loved him for it. One woman, one true woman, could renew the face of Earth, and she did, that’s why God’s a Man.